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Hospitals are facing a crisis on two fronts: One of every ten patients is harmed by clinical mistakes made with their care; and Hospital margins are decreasing although the demand for hospital services is increasing.

A major contribution to this situation is the inability to find and record the use of the 1000s of constantly circulating medical consumables and devices in the hospital that clinicians and nurses need for patient care.


Darryl Harkness

CEO of the Ingham Applied Medical Research Institute

Jamie Stanistreet

Senior Advisor of BioConnexUS

Saul Resnick

CEO Australia & New Zealand: LSHC APAC & DHL Supply Chain

Dr. Gareth Owen

Colorectal & Laparoscopic Surgeon


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  • Can hospitals recover losses and contribute to margin?
  • What is item level accuracy and how does it contribute to safety?
  • How can hospitals track and trace circulating inventory?
  • Are hospitals losing money on prosthetics?


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