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Hospital Marketplaces: Harnessing Network Benefits and Creating New Revenue Sources

Many patients I have spoken with think that because hospitalisation in Australia is so expensive hospitals are price gouging. Those that work in hospitals know this is far from true. As Dr Simon Woods said at a conference in Sydney in 2014 when he was the Executive Medical Director at Cabrini Health, Malvern, ‘Hospitals are […]

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Increasing Hospital Margins in the New Business World

I have noticed that hospitals focus more on lock-out than on a lock-in strategy for their partner bases. Economist W Brian Arthur’s paper on increasing returns may help change their hospital strategy. Arthur has noticed that economic activity has bifurcated into ‘Halls of Production’ and the ‘Casino of Technology’. The halls of production are traditional […]

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These are troubled times. Does your hospital have what it takes to create a platform?

Compared with traditional businesses, most platform businesses have thrived during the covid pandemic. Hospitals have all the elements to become platforms, all they need is an access point, a data-centric model and leaders to take the initiative. How are traditional businesses different from platforms? Traditional businesses own or lease all their assets so that they […]

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